• i-Spine

  • Problem Statement

    Gamers are facing back pain after pro-long hours of gaming

    The issues

    Gamers spent at least 5 hours per day. Proper sitting posture is easily ignored.

    This result in back discomfort and ultimately cause back pain.

    Our Missions

    We aim to seek a solution to solve back pain problems that gamers face.

  • The Idea


    A rather simple concept that encourages our gamers to enact the proper sitting posture.

    How does it works?

    Sensors will detect any improper sitting posture which translates to the Arduino motherboard. The information will be sent to the motor to start gentle vibration to alert our users.

  • Meet Our People

    Singapore Polytechnic

    Year 3

    Mechanical Engineers

    Justin Huang

    Group Leader

    I am currently a Year 3 Student in Singapore Polytechnic, pursing a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

    Benjamin Chua


    I am studying mechanical engineering that specialize in precision engineering. I learn to use AutoCAD inventor to model out work piece according to the drawing. Additionally, mastercam allows me to program CNC machine to transform raw material to functional work piece.

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